Botox in Peoria, Illinois

BOTOX is a popular cosmetic injectable that treats expression lines on the upper half of the face, various signs of aging, and cosmetic imperfections that make patients feel self-conscious about their skin. At The Beauty Lounge of Peoria in Peoria, IL, we design customized treatment plans for each patient to ensure the most natural results. You can trust our master injectors to reverse how aging has affected your appearance and restore your youthful glow through the safest treatment possible.

What Is BOTOX?

BOTOX is a neuromodulator that uses neurotoxins to relax the muscles and treat dynamic wrinkles and other signs of visible aging. It’s a completely customizable treatment that effectively reverses aging in a way that even the best topical products cannot. The results are long-lasting, but they’re also temporary, so once patients begin a treatment plan, they must commit to regular treatments to sustain the results long-term.
Person receiving botox injection in lips

What Are the Benefits?

Patients who undergo BOTOX treatments at The Beauty Lounge of Peoria will be treated by our master injectors, who know exactly where and how much product to administer into each treatment area for optimal and natural results. While many injectors can administer BOTOX, not all are trained, skilled, or experienced in doing so. Our injectors will ensure the safest treatment and nothing short of an exceptional treatment experience: they even provide training to other injectors! Some of the other treatment benefits include the following:
  • Quick treatment times
  • Visible results within the first week of treatment
  • Long-lasting results
  • Visible reduction in the appearance of lines and wrinkles
  • Improved facial aesthetics
  • Younger and smoother-looking skin
  • A combinable treatment
  • Natural results
  • A safe treatment performed by master injectors
  • No downtime

What Does It Treat?

As a cosmetic treatment, BOTOX is FDA-cleared to reduce the appearance of expression lines on the upper half of the face. It treats frown lines, forehead lines, and crow’s feet. We also offer off-label treatments and use this neuromodulator to perform a treatment called the Nefertiti neck lift. We also use it to treat large masseters, the muscles of the jaw that often appear wider due to genetics and other factors. After treatment, patients will achieve a slimmer, contoured jawline. We also use BOTOX to slim the trapezius muscles with a treatment called Barbie Tox. We use it to treat hyperhidrosis, a condition in which patients sweat profusely, typically from the underarms, hands, or feet. Injections into specific areas temporarily block the sweat glands to prevent excessive sweating and help patients feel confident in social settings.  
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Medical Treatments

We also offer medical treatments with this injectable and use it to reduce pain and discomfort associated with TMJ with some strategic injections into the area around the jaw. It also doubles as a migraine relief treatment and reduces the total number of migraines patients experience monthly to reduce pain and improve quality of life.

Frequently Asked Questions

The neurotoxins in this injectable temporarily block communication between the brain, nerve signals, and the muscles. After treatment, the muscles relax and no longer contract like they did before treatment. The result is smoother skin and a visible reduction in wrinkles. For other cosmetic and medical treatments, relaxing specific muscle groups improves facial and body contours and relaxes specific muscles to alleviate pain and discomfort.


This injectable can also be paired with other cosmetic injections during the same treatment for enhanced results. We offer the most effective dermal fillers and partner with Merz Aesthetics, the makers of XEOMIN, another popular neuromodulator that works similarly to BOTOX.

We begin these treatments by cleansing the skin in the planned treatment area and then administering the exact amount of product necessary to help each patient achieve their medical or cosmetic goals. Treatments typically take less than 30 minutes from start to finish.


We offer a pre-treatment numbing cream, if necessary, but most patients endure the treatment without any discomfort. Once it’s over, there’s no downtime, and you will be able to resume your normal daily activities.

Once your treatment is over, you must follow some specific aftercare instructions. After your appointment, you must keep your head upright for at least one hour to prevent product diffusion. It’s also important to avoid massaging the treatment area for the first 24 hours.


You must also avoid blood-thinning supplements, medications, and alcohol for 24 hours before and after your treatment to prevent bruising. You’ll also need to avoid exercise and sweating after your injections to prevent product diffusion. We also recommend patients avoid hot environments and anything that increases their body temperature for the first 24 hours after treatment to ensure the best results.

Patients will see improvements in the appearance of their treatment areas within the first week of treatment. The results will continue to improve and peak within two to six weeks. Within three to four months of your initial treatment, your results will begin to fade, and at that point, you’ll need to schedule a follow-up treatment to maintain your results long-term.

Typically, the treatment results will last three to four months, and sometimes longer if the patient’s body slowly metabolizes the ingredients in the injectable. For most patients, follow-up treatments are needed every three to four months. Taking a zinc supplement at least five days before injections may help the treatment results last longer. Excessive exercise will cause the body to metabolize the ingredients faster.

Ideal candidates are healthy adults with clear, infection-free skin at the injection site. Patients should also have realistic expectations about the treatment process and the results. Pregnant and nursing women do not qualify for safety reasons.

Experience the Benefits of BOTOX

BOTOX is a perfect solution for patients seeking a treatment that addresses cosmetic and medical concerns and delivers long-lasting results. If you want to learn more about this injectable and how we use it to reverse aging and improve facial aesthetics, we’ll give you more details at your initial consultation and then schedule your first treatment.